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Rules for Anglers

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  1. Day Tickets (permits) are available on the banks at Cleveley Bridge Fisheries. General coarse fishing – You may set up and we will collect payment & issue a ticket on the bank, carry it with you together with some form of identification and an appropriate EA licence.
  2. Rod sharing is not permitted.
  3. It is a condition of purchase that you accept and agree to spot checks of your
    Permit(s) EA licence, identification, tackle, equipment, bags and catch at any time.
    Anyone considered by the duty manager, bailiff or a staff member of Cleveley Bridge
    Fisheries to be contravening their permit terms, or any of these rules, will have any
    fish in their possession confiscated and will be required to leave the Lakes
    immediately without compensation. Cleveley Bridge Fisheries reserves the right to
    exclude anglers at any time from the whole or any part of Cleveley Bridge Fisheries.
  4. Anglers park their cars at their own risk and are requested to park sensibly and not on any grassed areas please.
  5. Preventing the spread of disease – If you have fished elsewhere recently please
    ensure that your footwear and tackle have been thoroughly cleaned and dried so as
    to minimise the risk of spreading disease. We provide dips to disinfect your tackle
    before you start fishing if you are in any doubt in this respect.
  6. Anglers must respect, follow and observe the Country Code. This means no litter,
    no dogs running loose on site, no loud music, NO fires and barbecues must be kept off the ground
  7. Children must be supervised at all times.
  8. Any additional restrictions or arrangements for special events will be
    advertised at Cleveley Bridge Fisheries.

The duty manager’s (Bailiff) telephone number is 07958 797117.

In the event of emergency please call 07967 337412 or 07796 916956. Please do
not use these numbers for general enquiries these numbers are
strictly for use in the event of emergency.

In the event of a serious emergency telephone 999.
The fisheries post code for location is PR3 1BY.


All Tickets (Permits) are date specific, non refundable and non
transferable. All permits are subject to our Terms & Conditions, Fishery
Rules & Safety policy. By purchasing a Permit you commit to abide by the
policies set out by Cleveley Bridge Fisheries. ALL rules and regulations are
there to protect the safety and wellbeing of anglers and live stock.


Day Tickets – – Fishing 7am to 7pm (time depending on time of year).

1 x rod – £6.00
2 x rods – £8.00
3 x rods – £10.00 (if your EA licence allows).


Day tickets (12 hrs)

£10.00 (fishing up to 3 rods if your EA licence allows)

24hr Tickets – depending on arrival time and availability.

£20.00 (fishing up to 3 rods if your EA licence allows)


Please note these rules are in force for the safety and wellbeing of anglers and live stock
at Cleveley Bridge Fisheries.

Cleveley Bridge Fisheries Rules


  • Anglers fish at Cleveley Bridge Fisheries at their own risk. The owner does
    not accept any liability for injury to anglers or their guests, or theft or damage
    to anglers property.
  • Vehicles must be parked in the car park and must not be driven around the
    lake. Parking on any grass area is not permitted.
  • Only anglers who have a ticket (permit) are allowed to fish on the property.
    Any unauthorised visitors will be asked to leave immediately.
  • No dogs or any other domestic animals are allowed to run free on site. If your dog is accompanying you it must be on a lead or tethered at all times.
  • If you are fishing overnight (Swanbrook Lake only), bivvies, tents or brollies are allowed.
  • No fish are to be introduced or removed from the lake.

Tackle & Bait

You may use any generally accepted method of bait fishing, except spinning. You may use baits such as maggot, sweetcorn, worm etc. or boilies, pop ups, shop bought tiger nuts and ground baits approved by the duty bailiff. If in doubt check with the bailiff on site.

  • Barbless, or micro-barbed hooks are to be used at all times
    (minimum size 12 hooks on Swanbrook lake).
  • Minimum 10lb line on Swanbrook lake.
  • Braid must not be used as a main line (OK for hook links)
  • Lead core is allowed up to 24”
  • Rigs must be safe with the lead able to eject if the fish gets snagged. Korda
    style clips are acceptable but the rubbers must not be forced down too tightly
    preventing the lead from ejecting.
  • No fixed leads.
  • Fishing with a pole is NOT allowed on Swanbrook Lake at any time.

Care of fish

  • Keep Nets are allowed for organised matches only (fish estimated to be over 2lb should be weighed and returned to the water), otherwise Keep Nets are at the discretion of the owner/bailiff.
  • All anglers must use a landing net (minimum 36″ & NO spoon nets on Swanbrook Lake).
  • All anglers must use an unhooking mat (large,thick good quality on Swanbrook lake).
  • Anglers must not leave their rods in the water unattended (i.e. the angler
    must not be more than 1 swim away).
  • Fish must always be transported from un-hooking mat to water in a sack or
    sling. Under no circumstances should a fish be carried in your arms.
  • Any handling / photographing of fish must be done at ground level over an unhooking mat.
  • All fish should be returned as soon as possible after weigh-in over an unhooking mat.
  • The sacking of fish is not allowed.
  • Large retainers are permitted to hold fish for short periods only (maximum 1 hour).
  • Surface fishing is at the discretion of the owner/bailiff and is NOT permitted during spawning times.
  • Cleveley Bridge reserves the right to close any water during spawning times. Any bookings will be offered alternative dates or refunded in full.
  • Please report all specimen carp catches to the office – photos of any catches would also be appreciated.

Care and respect for the site

  • The owner’s property is to be protected at all times. Any damages should
    be reported immediately to the owner or bailiff.
  • Trees, plants and marginal plants must not be damaged.
  • No weed clearing or tree cutting to be undertaken without the owner’s
  • All swims are to be kept tidy. All litter must be taken away at the end of a
    session, even if it has been left by another person. Bins are also provided on site.
  • Fires are NOT permitted anywhere on the site.
  • Disposable BBQs are permitted and must be kept off the ground.

Care and respect for other anglers

  • Whilst alcohol is not banned from site, drunken behaviour will not be
    tolerated. Any angler found to be drunk on site will have their angling
    session terminated immediately. Above all, a reasonable standard of
    behaviour is expected at all times. This means, no shouting, loud music,
    using bright torches or any other anti-social behaviour. Toilets are
    provided and should be used when necessary. Urinating in bushes and trees
    is not acceptable.
  • When setting rods on alarms, please use your off switch to maintain the
    quiet on the lake. Constant beeping is not acceptable.
  • No wading should take place on any part of the lake complex.
  • Leave the toilet facilities as you would wish to find them and CLOSE the
    door behind you when you leave!

Any angler found breaking, or reported to be breaking these rules,
risks the termination of their session.
Bailiff Mobile 07958 797 117

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